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Console Table Louis XIV

Large Louis XIV-style console table in carved and gilt wood and marble. French, 19th century…

The free-standing console table has a wide belt with openwork carving and an ornate central motif. It stands on two curved front legs that end in scrolled toes. The legs are joined to each other and to the back panel with a shaped and curved spacer. The back takes the form of an integrated boiserie panel, also carved and gilt, and presents a second central decorative motif.

Richly carved all over with rococo motifs, including C-scrolls, shells, mussels, cartouches and foliage. Topped with a beautiful shaped and polished Brèche d'Alep marble. The gilding is heavily patinated, giving the piece a quiet, understated feel. The carving, patinated finish, and Brèche d’Alep marble work very well together, giving this piece a lovely homogenous feel.

Overall in good condition and structurally sound. Wear and losses to the gilding, and minor losses / damages to the carving. The marble has been professionally restored.

The beautiful carving of this piece captures well the spirit of the style, without being overly heavy. The integrated boiserie back panel is rare, and lends greatly to the character of this piece.

Height: 87 cm
Width: 150 cm
Depth: 51.5 cm

4,200 Euros

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