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Bed Frame Louis XVI

A bedframe in carved, painted and partially gilt wood and upholstery, for 140 x 200 cm mattress. French, 19th century...

A bedframe of carved, painted and partially gilt wood and upholstery, for a 140 x 200 cm. mattress.

French, Louis XVI-style, 19th century, circa 1880.

The arched headboard frame is carved with a continuous interlacing pattern that is painted and partial gilt. It terminates in tapered feet with a carved foliate motif. The footboard is made up of a low post at each corner, carved in a stylized foliate and poppy seed pod motif. Sideboards and foot board crossbars carved with repeating vertical channels.

The headboard upholstered in three tone fabric consisting of a motif of bouquets, baskets, and interlacing ribbons with bows in cream and tan linen on a background of soft-blue silk. Includes a matching bedspread.

Excellent condition with normal signs of wear as expected for age. Nice patina to the gilding. The fabric is in very good condition. The bedspread is lined on the underside in cotton, which shows some age-related discoloration, but this is not visible nor does it affect the topside fabric in any way.

Exterior Dimensions:
Height: 130 cm
Width: 160 cm
Length: 220 cm

Interior Dimensions:
Width: 149.5 cm
Length: 208.5 cm

Fits standard (2 meter length) mattress / boxspring. The photos show the frame with a 140 x 200 cm mattress and boxsprings.

The bedframe de-assembles into 4 parts for transport or storage: headboard, footboard, and 2 side rails.

A new, high quality mattress, boxsprings, and topper are also available at additional cost (as shown in photos).

3,200 Euros

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