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Armchairs Transition 'Lebas'

A pair of armchairs in carved and painted beechwood and upholstery, attributed to JB Lebas. French, 18th century…

A superb pair of carved and painted beechwood armchairs, epoque transition Louis XV – Louis XVI, French, 18th century, circa 1770

The curved, violin shaped back and wide seat moldings have richly carved moldings of an interlacing frieze and a row of pearls, punctuated at the center of the top and front rails with olive branch and ribbon motifs. The curved armrests, carved with twisted rope and acanthus leaves, meet the front chair rail with a lovely decorative flourish. The straight, tapered legs are decorated with spiral fluting and neo-classical acanthus leaf highlights atop button feet. Finished in a tan-gray paint.

Attributed to Jean-Baptiste Lebas (1729 – 1800, awarded master craftsman title in July 1756) (trace of a stamp, illegible).

Newly upholstered in a silk fabric ‘Lampas de Chevres’ from Prelle, with its decorative motif in silver and taupe against a brilliant blue ground. Trimmings from Houles.

Professionally restored and in good condition with solid woodwork and joinery. The underside shows signs of old woodworm damage and has been reinforced. Newly re-upholstered.

This pair of armchairs offers a stunning example of the evolution in both form and decoration that occurred during the transition between the Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. In form, these chairs are Louis XV from the waist up and Louis XVI from the waist down. In decoration, they are decidedly Louis XVI all over, with their smart, modern, neo-classical detailing.

The main decorative motifs show great originality and delicate execution, giving the impression that the olive branches and ribbon have been laid atop the frieze below. Also of note is the seat rail frieze, which continues uninterrupted around the entire perimeter of the seat, lacking the decorative block and rosettes typically placed at the knees. And the spiral fluted legs lend a wonderful visual effect, seemingly setting the seating plane abuzz, as if it resides in a magical state of levitation. Or perhaps that’s just my active imagination…

Height: 94 cm
Width: 67 cm
Depth: 65 cm

9,500 Euros

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