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Armchairs Transition

A pair of armchairs in natural walnut and upholstery. French, 18th century...

A pair of transition Louis XV – Louis XVI period armchairs in natural walnut and upholstery. French, 18th century.

The carved walnut frames have flat, violin-shaped backs that are topped with a finely carved flower motif. Sinuous armrests with scrolled hand rests meet the front seat rail at the knee with a lovely scrolled flourish. Generous, shaped seat with a molded, undulating rail. On cabriole legs.

The armchairs retain a warm natural finish to the wood, and are newly upholstered in a polychrome lampas fabric with a stripe and flower motif on a tan and yellow ground from Tassinari & Chatel.

This pair of chairs is the work of a Parisian menuisier (master joiner / chairmaker) from the transition period between Louis XV and Louis XVI, circa 1760.

Excellent overall condition, displaying minor wear as normal for its age. Structurally sound with only minor restorations. The upholstery is new.

The real excitement of this pair of chairs is in the way the frame holds and distributes such a wonderful sense of vibrant tension. The purity and simplicity of the sparsely carved frame keeps the focus on the form of the piece, not the decoration. These chairs are perfectly balanced - a pure expression of unity of design.

Height: 97 cm
Width: 65 cm
Depth: 62 cm

8,500 Euros

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