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Sculpture Art Nouveau

A sculpture in patinated terracotta, Austrian, E.Tell for Goldscheider, 20th century…

A classically elegant Art Nouveau sculpture, allegory of Music, of a seated nude woman with a textile draped at her waist, one arm leaning on the back of a chair, the other holding a lyre. Terracotta painted to look like bronze.

By E. Tell, for Goldscheider Porzellanmanufaktur und Majolikafabrik, Vienna, Austria. Circa 1905.


- 'E Tell' stamped in the terracotta on the back of the chair.

- ‘VII’ painted on the back side of the base.

- Stamped on the inside of the base:

In excellent condition. A hairline surface crack to the base at the right corner on the back side (very minor, see photos).

This specific piece is believed to be one of the models made by the artist for Goldscheider. This theory is supported by the larger size of this piece (this piece is 46 cm H x 43 cm W, while the production pieces were 34 cm H x 25 cm W), and the fact that this piece is signed by the artist but not stamped Goldscheider. Documentation: ‘Porzellan und Keramik Report, Markenlexikon Band 1: 1885 – 1935’ by D Zuehlsdorf, page 447.

A beautiful sculpture, classic and elegant. Nice finish.

Height 46 cm
Width: 43 cm
Depth: 23 cm

1,400 Euros

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