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Decanter Art Deco

Crystal Decanter and four glasses Art Deco. Czechoslovakian, 20th century…

Crystal Decanter and Four Glasses. Czechoslovakia, 20th century…

Decanter and four liquor / shot glasses in clear cut crystal. A circular base gives rise to a faceted and banded pyramid-shaped body, a vertical neck, and a reverse-pyramid mouth and stopper. Four matching faceted and banded liquor glasses.

Bohemian crystal, from Czechoslovakia. ‘TCHÉCOSLOVAQUIE’ acid etched on the bottom of the decanter and each glass.

Art Deco, circa 1920 - 1930.

In very good condition. A tiny chip to the rim of the carafe, the stopper, and the rim of 2 of the shot glasses (too small to photograph).

Height: 19 cm incl stopper; 14 cm without stopper
Diameter: 11.5 cm

Glasses each:
Height: 5.7 cm
Diameter: 4.3 cm

120 Euros

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