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Bronze Sculpture after Clodion

Bronze sculpture ‘The Intoxication of Wine’ after Clodion. French, 19th century…

Grand sculpture group of a satyr sitting on a rock embracing a bacchante, one arm raised holding a glass of wine. In bronze with brown patina. Raised on a circular marble base in the shape of a column, the base and capital in black veined marble, the shaft in white marble.

French, 19th century. After Clodion (Claude Michel) (French, Nancy 1738–1814 Paris). Not signed.

The original, executed in terracotta in 1780-90, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York NY. An excerpt from the museum’s catalog entry for the work:

‘The seeming spontaneity of this composition, a rapturous embrace, in which it appears that the senses are totally abandoned, was achieved only after much meditation. This work is one of the most minutely studied of all the Bacchic orgies that were Clodion's specialty. The front and back show deliberate adjustments of angles, openings, and masses, all checked and balanced…’

Both the bronze and base are in excellent condition. The bronze with a nice, rich finish / patina with only light signs of wear.

Beautifully detailed with highly expressive modelling. Nice patina. A nice sized group and a lovely subject, well presented on an important marble base.

Total height (bronze & marble base): 58 cm; Sculpture only: 43 cm; Base only: 15 cm.
Width: 32 cm
Diameter of base: 23 cm

3,800 Euros

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