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12 Empire Knives

12 silver-plated dinner knives from SFAM, Empire style. French, 20th century…

Part table service consisting of 12 dinner knives in the Empire style. With handles in silver-plated metal and blades of stainless steel. Manufactured by S.F.A.M. Handles richly decorated on both sides. One side monogramed ‘IS’.

Mid 20th century.

Blades marked ‘S.F.A.M’ on one side and ‘INOXYDABLE’ on the other. Handles marked ‘SFAM’ on one side and ‘I5G’ on the other.

SFAM - Société Française d'Alliage de Métaux – was founded in 1926 in Bornel dans l’Oise France.

In excellent condition.

Length: 26 cm

150 Euros

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