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Woodblock Print 'Kenshin'

Japanese Woodblock Print 'Kenshin' by Taiso Yoshitoshi , c. 1890...

Woodblock print #82 from the series ‘One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’.

Artist: Taiso Yoshitoshi 1839-1892
Date published: 1890
Engraver: Enkatsu
Seal: Taiso
Title: ‘shimo gunei ni michi shuki kiyoshi
Sugyo no Hengan tsuki sanko’ – Kenshin

Kenshin, a priest and powerful feudal lord, is here shown in camp on the plain of Kawanakajima, preparing for battle in one of his campaigns against a rival, Takeda Shingen. He sits in full armor except helmet, which here has been replaced with a priests ornate headdress. Inspired by the sight of a flight of geese against the full moon, he writes the famous poem that is this print’s title. Conveying the peace of an autumn night, the poem translates as:

‘Frost fills the camp and the autumn air is still
Lines of returning geese cross the moon of the third hour’ - Kenshin

Impression: very good,
Colors: very good
Condition: very good

Mounted, matted, and framed under glass. Framed in a narrow gilt-wood frame.

Print: 35 cm H x 24 cm W
Frame: 47.5 cm H x 35.7 cm W

Reference: ‘Yoshitoshi’s One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’ by John Stevenson

1,200 Euros

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