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Engraving 'Walking Couple...'

Engraving ‘Walking Couple Turned to the Left’ by Sebald Beham, circa 1540…

Depicting a couple walking, the woman in profile, the man turned to the left facing the viewer, his head tilted, mouth open, and left arm raised in a gesture of waving. Set in a sparse landscape. Signed with the monogram ‘HSB’ in the upper left of the plate.

Copper engraving. Plate seven from the eight-plate series titled ‘The Peasant Wedding Procession’. Circa 1540. Bartsch 184, Pauli and Hollstein 173.

With 2 collector's stamps on the reverse side:
• ‘R. SCH.’ (Lugt 2241) (Robert Scholtz, 1834-1912) in the lower left;
• a difficult to read collector's stamp (possibly ‘Collection Henri Beraldi’ within a border (Lugt 230) (Henri Beraldi, 1849-19?) in the lower right.
Additional notations in pencil to the back.

A fine, clear, and dark print. Trimmed to the platemark. Some light browning to paper. A small stain (just off the elbow of the man’s raised arm). A small paper repair (at the edge of the man’s kilt).

Presented attached at the top edge by 2 rice paper hinges (so verso can be inspected), on an acid-free mounting board.

Sebald Beham (sometimes called Hans Sebald Beham or Sebald Peham). Nuremberg 1500 – 1550 Frankfurt. He was perhaps the most famous of the group of engravers known as the ‘Little Masters’ (Kleinmeister) that produced exquisitely detailed small scale works, of which this piece is an excellent example.

A lovely example of this engaging little print.

Height: 4.6 cm
Width: 3.4 cm

1,100 Euros

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