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Book ‘Woodblock Printing’

Book ‘Process of Wood-Block Printing’. Japanese, 20th century…

In woodblock printing, a different plate (wood block) is carved then used to print each color. The final print is created by printing each successive plate (color) on top of the previous one(s). This book shows what that process looks like, plate by plate, using 13 plates to re-create ‘Shono’, the famous print from Hiroshige’s ‘The Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido’.

To best illustrate this process, each spread shows two examples of each plate (color): the left page displays the plate printed on a blank sheet, while the right page displays the plate layered on top of the previously printed plates. In this way, you can see how a woodblock print builds on itself, layer after layer, until the final print is produced.

The book’s front and back covers are in decorative printed cloth, and it has a total of 26 pages. It is bound accordion style, so it can be opened to give a comprehensive overview of the entire step-by-step process.
There is no text, other than the title on the cover and the publisher information on the reverse of the last page, which reads ‘All Rights Reserved – NISHINOMIYA – TOKYO – Printed in Japan’.

The book was published by Nishinomiya & Hasegawa in Tokyo, Japan, circa 1940.

It is in good general overall condition – there is a small tear to the second to last page, and browning to some of the pages.

A fascinating book for the enthusiast, collector, or artist. Rare.

Width: 18 cm
Height: 12.5 cm

575 Euros

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