Cirey Design is a boutique home décor and interior design studio based in the historic center of Amsterdam. It offers a curated collection of fine antique furniture, art, and decorative objects from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

View the selection of available pieces on the ~Furniture~, ~Art~, and ~Objects~ pages, which contain detailed descriptions and numerous photos for each object. See many of the pieces ‘in situ’, or just get design ideas, from the vignettes on the ~Inspiration~ page. Request additional information about a piece by submitting a question - the contact form can be found on the ~About~ page.

Integrating art and antiques into our environment connects us to our past, engages our thoughts, fosters appreciation, and provides context, depth and interest to the spaces that form the backdrop to our daily life.  Here's to creating interesting and engaging spaces!

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