A Glimpse of the Moon - Kaoyo.  Woodblock print #37 from the series 'One Hundred Aspects of the Moon'.


Artist: Yoshitoshi Taiso 1839-1892

Date Published: 1886

Engraver: not given

Seal: Taiso

The scene depicted here is partly taken from the fourteenth-century history book ‘Taiheiki’, generally translated as ‘Chronicle of Great Peace’. In the episode, Lady Kaoyo, the wife of an official at the shogun’s court, was famous for her beauty. Ko no Moronao, a chief retainer for the shogun, heard about Lady Kaoyo and wanted to see for himself. He persuaded a court lady to arrange for him to see her after her bath, the lady believing he would be disappointed in seeing her without her noblewoman’s usual makeup. Here, Moronao hides in the bushes of the garden as Lady Kaoyo finishes her bath.


Impression:  good

Colors:  very good

Condition:  good , margins slightly trimmed, light water stains and dirt in the margins, unbacked

Mounted, matted, and framed under glass. Framed in a simple, light wood frame.


Reference: ‘Yoshitoshi’s One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’ by John Stevenson



Print:  34.7 cm H x 24.1 cm W

Frame:  52.4 cm H x 42.4 cm W

Price: 1400 Euros

Japanese Woodblock Print - Yoshitoshi - 'A Glimpse of the Moon', 1886