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Large Commode Louis XVI

Grand chest of drawers Louis XVI in marquetry, marble and bronze. French, circa 1790-1800…

Case in oak and pine finished in veneers of satinwood, boxwood, amaranth and rosewood, in geometric patterns, the upper section in ‘Hungarian point’. The face holds six drawers in four rows – three short drawers across the top row, above full-width drawers in each of the lower three rows. The face has slight projections in the center and at each of the four corner pilasters. Standing of four stout, tapered toupee legs. The commode is topped with shaped and polished marble in ‘Saint-Anne’ gray. Decorated with gilt bronze highlights of pearls, olive branches, garlands and foliage. Each drawer with lock, with four keys.

French, Parisian work, Late Louis XVI period, circa 1790 – 1800.

While bearing no stamp, a likely attribution is to Martin Ohneberg, who was awarded master cabinetmaker on 7 July 1773.

In superb condition. A professional restoration was just completed that included: the stabilization and repair of three horizontal side-panel cracks; adjustments / renewals to drawer runners; cleaning of the bronze work; re-attachment of loose veneers; and a renewal to the French polish all over.

This is an exceptional piece of superb quality. It is grand in scale and in stature, with its six drawers in four rows (unusual). The marquetry is a tour de force – overall coherence and harmony is provided by the principle use of carefully matched straight-grain satinwood, while visual interest and variation are provided by the grain, pattern, and staining of the detail work veneers.

Height: 95.5 cm
Width: 133 cm
Depth: 64.5 cm

12,500 Euros

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