Caned Armchair Transition

Transition-style armchair in natural beechwood, caning, and petit-point tapestry. French, early 20th century…


The frame is in molded and carved beech wood, with a curved back and enveloping arms that have small upholstered armrest. The arms meet the seat at the knees with a flourish. Caned back and seat, and double caned sides. The seat with a loose squab cushion in the same petit point fabric as the armrests. Standing on straight, tapered stop-fluted legs. The seat rail is carved with twisted ribbon, with curved floral rosettes at the front knee blocks. The back is surmounted with a carving of two rose blossoms joined by a trailing ribbon.

Parisian work from the early part of the 20th century.

In superb condition - woodwork, caning, and fabric.

The carving is of stunning quality, sharp and precise and very fresh. While the carving motifs are classic 18th century motifs, they show stylistic influences from art nouveau. So lovely.

Height: 88 cm
Width: 60.5 cm
Depth: 50 cm

1,400 Euros