Stemware ‘Val St Lambert’

A stemware service in clear and bi-color cut crystal, Belgian, 20th century…


In the 'Prince de Galles' (Prince of Wales) pattern, manufactured by Cristallerie du Val Saint Lambert in Seraing, Belgium. Mid 20th century.

This 41 piece service has rounded bowls, their sides decorated with cut thumbprints of 2 lengths, set on faceted, two-knob air bubble stems and six-sided feet.

The service consists of: 11 Red wine glasses, 10 white wine glasses, 10 rhine wine glasses (with a light green bowl atop a clear stem and foot), and 10 champagne coupes. Note that there is a slight difference in the green coloration of the rhine wine glasses – 5 are of a slightly lighter green, 5 are of a slightly darker green.

In very good condition – no chips or damages to the rims, bowls, or stems. Some signs of use (inconsequential and mostly unnoticeable) to the edges or undersides of some of the feet, as would be expected for age.

A lovely and elegant stemware service of excellent quality. The air bubble stems, which Val Saint Lambert was particularly skilled at producing, add to the charm of this classic stemware service.

Red wine glasses: Height: 16 cm; Rim diameter: 8.5 cm; Base diameter: 7.8 cm
White wine glasses: Height: 13 cm; Rim diameter: 6.9 cm; Base diameter: 6.7 cm
Rhine wine glasses: Height: 12 cm; Rim diameter: 6.4 cm; Base diameter: 6.1 cm
Champagne coupes : Height: 12 cm; Rim diameter: 9.6 cm; Base diameter: 7.5 cm