Dinner Service 'Kakiemon'

A 77 piece dinner service in porcelain by Pallas, French, 20th century…


The porcelain dinner service is decorated in a polychrome Kakiemon motif. The set was manufactured by Porcellaines Pallas in Limoges, France, circa 1930.

The subtly shaped pieces each have a gilt edge, floral border, and central decoration depicting a bird with colorful plumage, sitting in a blossoming tree, looking to the sky.

Undersides marked with a stylized cartouche that reads ‘Porcellaines Pallas Limoges France’.

In fine condition. The decoration and gilding are fresh and bright with few signs of wear. The only damage is to one piece - one of the handles of one of the gravy serving dishes is broken and missing – otherwise, the service is in excellent condition and free from stains, cracks, chips or losses.

77 pieces total:
36 dinner plates: 24.5 cm diameter
12 soup bowls: 25 cm diameter
12 salad / dessert plates: 22.5 cm diameter
1 large round low bowl: 30.5 cm diameter, 5 cm height
1 large round high bowl: 26.5 cm diameter, 10 cm height
1 large oval soup tureen with lid: 36 cm length, 23 cm width, 19 cm height (w lid)
1 medium oval soup tureen with lid: 31 cm length, 20 cm width, 15 cm height (with lid)
1 large oval serving platter: 50.5 cm length, 32.5 cm width, 5.5 cm height
1 medium oval serving platter: 42 cm length, 28 cm width, 5 cm height
1 small oval serving platter: 35.5 cm length, 24 cm width, 4 cm height.
1 round platter: 32.5 cm diameter, 4 cm height
1 round platter on high raised foot: 23.5 cm diameter, 12.5 cm height
2 round platters on low raised feet: 22.5 cm diameter, 6 cm height
2 oval gravy serving dishes with integrated drip plates: 25 cm length, 17 cm width, 10 cm height (one with damaged handle)
2 small oval serving dishes: 23.5 cm length, 12.5 cm width, 3.5 cm height

Kakiemon is a style of porcelain that originated in the Hizen province of Japan in the Edo period / mid-17th century. It was widely popular and imitated by European porcelain manufacturers from the 18th century onward.