Cirey Design is a home decor and interior design studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that offers a curated collection of fine antique furniture, art, and decorative objects from the 16th to the 20ith centuries. My specialty is 18th century French antiques, particularly seating furniture.

20-plus years of collecting has made me a selective buyer. I only offer exceptional pieces, many signed by the top craftsmen of the time. Pieces I would (and often do) proudly place in my own home. I generally offer them in restored condition - gently polished, refurbished and reupholstered - ready to be placed in your home as an accent piece or to add to the special atmosphere you are creating.

The name Cirey Design is a reference to Voltaire, a remarkable figure who is overwhelmingly associated with the period and place that so inspires me.  French culture dominated Europe in the 18th century, and Voltaire dominated French culture. He spent 15 prolific years as a guest (and lover) of the Marquise du Châtelet, Emilie de Breteuil - another great mind of the period - at the Château of Cirey in Cirey-sur-Blaise, France. So the name Cirey Design is a nod to the enlightened world Voltaire and Emilie created at the Château de Cirey between 1734 and 1749.


Inquiries welcome from private clients, collectors, interior decorators and designers.

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Cirey Design

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