Woodblock Print 'Rainy Moon'

Japanese Woodblock Print 'Rainy Moon' by Yoshitoshi Taiso, c. 1889...

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Woodblock print #78 from the series ‘One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’.

Artist: Yoshitoshi Taiso 1839-1892
Date published: 1889
Engraver: Yamamoto
Seal: Yoshitoshi
Title: Uchu no tsuki (Rainy Moon) - Kojima Takanori

The scene: Kojima Takanori, the lord of Bizen province in the 14th century, went to rescue the emperor Go-Daigo after he was expelled from Kyoto. Here, Takanori kneels by a cherry tree in the garden of the inn where the emperor is being held for the night, praying for his safety. He wears a peasants straw raincoat against the rain and as a disguise.
This is a highly evocative design – in the stillness of contemplation, the viewer can almost feel the cold raindrops.

Impression: very good, laquer
Colors: very good
Condition: very good, unbacked, small stains and minor faults

Mounted, matted, and framed under glass. Framed in a brushed silver-colored metal frame.

Print: 35 cm H x 24 cm W
Frame: 50 cm H x 38 cm W

Reference: ‘Yoshitoshi’s One Hundred Aspects of the Moon’ by John Stevenson